Hybrid Energy Storage System 
系统组成(System composition
3KW/5KWH Hybrid Energy Storage System integrated machine mainly includes one inverter equipment whose output power is 3KW, one storage battery whose capacity is 5KWH and intelligent monitoring and control system. The energy storage integrated machine can be connected with the photovoltaic power generation system and the urban power grid to ensure uninterrupted supply of power for the customers. The system topology is shown below
工作模式(Working mode)
● 后备UPS模式:城市电网在为负载供电的同时也为电池充电进行储能,当电网断电时,储能一体机作为后备电源为用户供电。
Backup UPS mode: City power grid not only supplies power to the load , but also charges storage battery. If the city power grid is disconnected, the energy storage machine will be a backup power .
Spontaneous use mode:  When the energy storage integrated machine connects with the city power grid, on the one hand, photovoltaic power generation supplies power to the load. At the same time, excess power is transported to the city power grid, inadequate part of the grid supplement. On the other hand, when the photovoltaic power generation can not supply enough power, the city power will supplement.
Hybrid mode: the energy storage integrated machine can also be used to construct photovoltaic oil and electricity hybrid system with the generator. It can be configured flexibly according to customer requirements.
系统特点(System characteristics)
◆ 内置磷酸铁锂电池组,效率高、长寿命、体积小。
 built-in lithium iron phosphate battery, high efficiency, long life, small volume.
the dual battery under-voltage and over-voltage protection function.
built-in active equalization of battery management system, with the function of maintaining the balance of the voltage of the battery,under-voltage protection,over-voltage protection, high temperature protection , low temperature protection,  and overcurrent protection.
TUV, CE and other international certification.
WiFi communication, get the relevant information of the equipment through the  APP
sine wave output, low harmonics, small waveform distortion rate.
外形和尺寸(Shape and size)